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Reflections                                                             Listen or buy
Music to Soothe and Uplift the Spirit
Celtic, Traditional, Renaissance & Medieval Melodies

Eileen Hadidian, Flute & Recorder
Maureen Brennan, Celtic harp
Natalie Cox, Celtic & Renaissance Harp
with Guest: Dan Reiter, Cello

Dolce Musica                                                        Listen or buy
A Contemplative Journey
Celtic, Renaissance & Medieval Melodies

Eileen Hadidian, Renaissance & Baroque Flute & Recorder
Natalie Cox, Renaissance & Celtic Harp

Garden of Healing                                             Listen or buy
Soothing Heart & Spirit
Music of the Celtic, American & World Traditions

Eileen Hadidian, Recorder & Baroque Flute
Patrice Haan, Celtic Harp & Voice
Maureen Brennan, Celtic Harp
Natalie Cox, Celtic Harp

In Nova Cantica                                                  Listen or buy
A Celebration of Christmas
Medieval and Traditional Carols, Chansons and Festive Dances from the 13th to 17th Centuries

Elisabeth Engan, soprano; Neal Rogers, tenor
Eileen Hadidian, flute & recorder
Shira Kammen, vielle, violin, harp, & alto
Kit Robberson, vielle & viola da gamba
David Tayler, lute & baroque guitar

Music for a Winter’s Eve                               Listen or buy
Bringing Light to the Darkness
Traditional, Renaissance and Medieval song and dance to celebrate midwinter
and the changing of the seasons

Susan Rode Morris, soprano
Shira Kammen, violin, alto
Eileen Hadidian, recorder & baroque flute
Maureen Brennan, Celtic harp
Julie Jeffrey, viola da gamba

Heart's Ease                                                           View or buy
Sheet Music Collection