Because music heals.

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Healing Muses provides high-quality, live harp music to support patient care & recovery in hospitals, hospices, cancer care, & convalescent centers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our soothing harp music creates a calming environment that reinforces healing for patients and significantly reduces stress for visitors and staff.  

Since 1999, Healing Muses' fully-vetted team of professional musicians has played thousands of hours of live harp music for hundreds of patients, family members, and staff at major healing centers in the Bay Area, including:

Our musicians are highly skilled at playing music for therapeutic purposes and are capable of adjusting to situational needs.

Our harpists return time and again; their familiarity with routines and the special needs of staff and patients at every location allows them to integrate seamlessly with a site's individual programs.

As trained professionals, our musicians establish a long-term relationship with personnel at each site, getting to know individual staff members and working with them collaboratively to meet patient needs.

When our musicians visit locations, their primary focus is not on themselves as musicians, but on the power of music to heal. They are committed to creating musical environments that fully support patient care and the well being of staff and family.

...music-based interventions can modulate cerebral blood flow, reduce pre-operative anxiety and post-operative stress, improve surgery outcomes, and lower cortisol levels. ”

— Scientific American

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Healing Muses is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your contribution allows us to continue to offer high quality services to the San Francisco Bay Area's medical communities.