Our Program
A normal Healing Muses engagement lasts two hours. We serve ICU, cardiac care, neonatal, surgery, oncology, hospice, and convalescent centers, among others. Our music reduces stress, lowers general noise levels, lifts morale and reinforces healing. To integrate us with your program of care, email information@healingmuses.org.

Music has been used for healing purposes since ancient times. Medical research has both confirmed music’s power and assessed what improves its effectiveness. We use that research to guide our program and ensure the highest possible quality. Continue reading

Music & Repertoire
Healing Muses' diverse repertoire consists of healing music from many cultural traditions including classical and folk. Music does not need to be familiar to provide peace, joy or comfort; the body responds to both the vibrations and the music's rhythm. Continue reading...

Our Mission
Music heals. We provide live, professional quality, soothing music in hospital wards and waiting rooms throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to support patient care.