Music & Repertoire
The primary criteria when assessing music for Healing Muses’ repertoire is the piece's ability to communicate a positive emotion or state to those listening. Regardless of cultural tradition, certain rhythms and harmonies resonate and provide the energy or calm that a given situation requires.

As a rule, our musicians ('Muses') avoid dissonant music and focus on beautiful, simple melodies. Years of experience have taught that tuneful pieces attract the ear and steady rhythms calm.
Our musicians hold regular meetings to review engagements and repertoire with a focus on our healing impact. It is a pragmatic, practical form of research that supplements that of our medical advisers.

The special combination of musician, instrument and tune are key to any musical offering. Each Muse has favorite trusted pieces, those that best allow their particular instrument to speak and that serve that musician well in a given situation. If a particular piece shows consistent healing impact, the group will adopt it into our collective repertoire.