Healing Muses seeks a new Executive Director

The position is roughly a quarter-time position, paid hourly, requiring typically 10 hours per week.

The hourly rate will be $40-50 commensurate with experience.

To apply or inquire about the position, please contact us at hmedsearch@gmail.com


Healing Muses Executive Director Job Description & Guidelines


The Executive Director works closely with the Administrator. Together, they are tasked with executing the organizational policies that the Board has set. The Executive Director is hired by and answers to the Board.


Responsibilities of Executive Director include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Establishes procedures, such as program policies, competitive bids, and formal hiring practices, which ensure that the organization is acting without any conflicts of interest
  • Works with the President to:
    • Prepare board meeting agenda. Secretary will coordinate information packets
    • Support committees as appropriate
  • Works with the Treasurer to:
    • Track and report sources of income and expenses
    • Prepare formal reports for board review, including the annual financial report and annual budget
    • Meet monthly to review finances and financial reporting
  • Coordinates with Administrator, depending on function, to recruit and oversee volunteers
  • Programs:
    • Develops site contacts and sets up pilot programs
    • Negotiates annual fees for services with client
  • Donations & Contributions:
    • Actively seeks donors in community who can support our work
    • Assists the President to write and mail out annual fund-raising letter to current and prospective donors
    • Adds personal thank you notes to donors; Administrator will prepare thank you letters
  • Researches and writes grants; explores fundraising options for Healing Muses
    • Creates/refines narrative for application and reports, and manage application and reporting process
    • Administrator will assist with collection of required documentation
  • Collateral:
    • Oversees promotional material designs, i.e., flyers, business cards, etc. and annual thank you letters for donors
    • Works with Administrator to maintain social networks
    • Drafts quarterly email newsletters (via Mailchimp)
  • Outreach:
    • Masterminds and sets up other projects as needed: recordings, lecture/demos, workshops, etc.
    • Represents the organization to local communities, including organizing lecture/demos and workshops on healing music